Riverbank House
95-97 High St, Orpington,
Kent, BR5 3NH
09:00 - 17:30
By appointment
0800 193 1007 (NATIONAL)
01689 875 999 (LONDON)

Typical Fees

Householder (e.g. Extensions, lofts, etc.): £295 – £900+ VAT
New Dwelling (flats, conversions etc.): £695 – £1500+ VAT

Change of Use
(HMO, take-away, restaurant, office A2 etc.): £695 – £1500+ VAT

Commercial / Residential
Minor to Medium Projects: £1000 – £2500 + VAT
Major Projects: £3500 + VAT subject to written confirmation on larger developments

Above fees subject to written quotation and fee contract confirmation
*In applications fee includes full plans as required, Design & Access statements, submission of application, and negotiations with council
*In appeals, fee includes full appraisal, planning statement by Chartered Town Planner addressing council’s refusal, relevant policies and planning case law precedent etc.